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Need help

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Dear reader.

People with ADHD are at risk in many areas. One is homelessness. A 33-year folowup study shows that it is even 20% higher than normal.

However, oddly enough, there is virtually no data as to how many homeless people actually have ADHD. The few studies that exist show figures of up to 50%.

We have therefore conceived the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlaunching a research project into ADHD among homeless people to uncover these figures.


Given the social costs of homelessness and ADHD, it is important to gain a deeper insight into how ADHD and homelessness interact. This can lead to solutions that reduce social costs, reduce homelessness and help people out of their current often hopeless situation.

Our goal

  • Measuring ADHD prevalence among homeless people.
  • Finding solutions for and with homeless people with ADHD.
  • Reducing homelessness through ADHD

At the moment we are at the start of the research, we need people who are interested in the project and who want to work for it. Financial support is also needed to realize this research.

In particular, we are currently asking for:

  • People with experience in working out a budget for the research.
  • People who want to support this administratively.
  • People who want to maintain the website (GRAV CM, APACHE, LINUX OS)
  • People who want to make and maintain contacts.

In addition, we are already looking for psychiatrists, psychologists and other scientists who are interested. Until we can raise subsidies this is pro bono publico . In the budget, we will definitely plan salaries and allowances for people who do not receive a salary.

Read more about our project at, there you will also find a contact form to contact us.

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