Next Phase

Next Phase

project adhd daklozen

Today I am closing the feedback phase. After Impuls en Woortblind, the Straat Consulaat in The Hague is also endorsing the project. Now time has come for the resource phase.

During the resource phase (see Timeline) I need to get people involved and see if I can find financial backup. I received feedback from both

Straat Consulaat


Impuls en Woortblind

with referrals to people that can help me. Someone also came up with the idea to hold a small pilot, something I will be looking into.

At this point I think my efforts will already start paying of. With the endorsements I will be able to spread information about ADHD and homelessness and the correlation between both. A win-win situation really. So I now invite every one interested in participating in whatever way to contact me through the Contact form.

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